Sunday, September 13, 2015

NezaRobot HW: BBB board connection

In NezaRobot, I only use BBB to control 6 servos and 1 CAN bus and USB WIFI.
6 PWM: 
ehrpwm0A-0B, 1A-1B, 2A-2B, 3 groups PWM timer. 

1 CAN Bus:
CAN bus needs a converter to convert +3.3V level to CAN bus standard.

1 serial port:
It is for debugging

Other pins are not used.
I use KiCAD for draw electronic schematics. It is open source and free.

From above figure, BBB has +5.0VDC connector, 1 USB WIFI, Serial port, CAN Bus, 6 PWM servo controllers.

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